Willpower Power

Just when I said that I wanted to cut back on carbs, I get bombarded with tempting sugary sweets less then an hour into my workday.

My Bosnian co-worker had a birthday Saturday and he gave me THREE pieces of baklava-like cake and a Pepsi.

But everywhere I go at work, I have sweet temptations.

 Robin’s Eggs!


Hershey’s Chocolate Eggs!

Temptation. Everywhere.

I have to kick in every willpower trick that I can remember. I am a certified smoking cessation facilitator with the American Lung Association and American Cancer Society. (If you or someone you know wants to quit smoking, I can give free smoking cessation clinics thanks to Idaho’s Millennium Fund.) In my Smoking Cessation classes, one of the big things that I tell people about is willpower. It is not just tricks to stay away from that ciggy, but tips that also help you not put that bite of cake into your mouth and to keep your hand out of the candy bowl.

Distract your mouth with some gum (I chew at least 3 pieces of gum a day.) Or brush your teeth or swish with mouthwash. Minty fresh is always better then ciggy breath or after eating anything.
Distract your hands with grabbing some weights and doing some bicep curls, take up knitting, grab a stressball, type a blog post. Anything that you can do to not grab a fork, ciggy or candy in the candy bowl.
Walk or run away from the temptation. You can’t have that candy if it is in another room. Or across the city.
Put it in the trash. I am so not going to eat something if it is in the garbage, or has something gross on it. That yummy cake went into the garbage after I took the pic of it. The Pepsi went into the fridge because I am not a big pop drinker anyways.
Set rules. Although this is too easy to allow, but the only candy that I will have is if it is chocolate. And obviously that chocolate is everywhere!
Be accountable to others. I told you all that I was going to cut the carbs today and I am staying accountable to you all!
Take a break. Sometimes stress is a trigger for smoking AND eating. Take 10 deep breaths to calm down and visualize something relaxing.
Make new friends. Only one of my friends smokes, which is good because smoking is not a peer pressure temptation. But we all love fooding. I guess I need to meet some people who don’t like to eat. Or who don’t like to eat chocolate covered bacon.
Get busy. Doing anything. Clean your bathroom/litterbox (which kills MY desire to eat), deleting text messages from your cell phone, have sexy time, call someone.
Substitute. I was going to sub a chocolate protein shake today instead of snacking on the candy in the dishes above. I tried to make myself prepared to encounter something I didn’t want to have.
Drink more and less! Drinking more water will help with some cravings. Drinking more alcohol will lower inhibitions and willpower.

Do you have any tips for sticking with your goals? How to you keep your willpower? Do you or someone you know wants to or has to give up smoking?


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Just A Little Off

I spend this weekend, and starting this week, just a little off.

I just didn’t hit green on Saturday & Sunday.

Saturday’s long run was a little shorter, and a little colder then I wanted it to be. The greenbelt was peaceful because there was no one on it, except for a few bike riders. I really like to be the only one on foot plodding away. Makes me feel a little hardcore.

But these huge balloons made the last 2 miles of my run just that much better. Also seen a coyote and bunnie around those cows that I have all named Dinner out by Harris Ranch & Barber Park.

I actually blame being a little off this week on my consumption of chocolaty treats I cross paths with and am given at work. Must resist carbys this week. I actually feel better when my carbs consumption are low.

Today’s Groupon is for Octobers Farm Man Challenge in Meridian. $17 for a the Hellish 6.66 Miler, the Running with the Dead Zombie 5K, or the Xross Challenge actually seems like a deal.

Also, one of my favorite blogs posted today about a potentially great long run recovery drink. 😉

Do you drink pickle juice to recover? I know my little brother did after football practices in high school. I always laughed at him and thought he was a freak. Now that I know, I don’t think it is so weird anymore.

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All Signs Point To…

I was thinking. Yeah, sometimes not the smartest thing. And I do need someone to tell me “No!” or “Go!” with most moves I make in my life. Sometimes I make silly and unwise decisions. But I was thinking. I do want to keep running next year. If this year is going to be a marathon year (I want to sign up for another local marathon that just happens to fall on a Sunday, which is better for my work life.) But NEXT year, I would like to do an ultra. And a relay. People seem to have too much dang fun at the Ragnars and Hood to Coasts. I feel like I am missing out.

What gave me the ultra bug is this race. The Pickled Feet 24 & 12 Hour Runs.
Slide 1
How many miles COULD I do in 12 hours? Or 24? I ran (haha ran) it by the BF today and he thought it was a horrible idea. But he hates running. And sits at a desk all day. So what does HE know? 😉

Thankfully I found out about this race AFTER registration was closed on Thursday afternoon. Otherwise I would have made a potential mistake and register for it.

Another sign that is pointing for me to run an ultra next year is this race – The Ponderosa Pine Relay on July 20 & 21st.

If I had more running friends, and if I didn’t sign up for that silly Sogonapmit Marathon (which I am having second thoughts over) this relay would be a fun race to do. So localish running peeps, 2013 I would like to do a relay and ultra. Think about think about joining a team with me next year! Or go ahead and join with one inaugural teams this year. 

Either way, both of these are on my list for next year!

Am I the only one that looks at races over a year in advance? 

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Going for 5000

I had to get outside today and try out my new shoes on a slog.

Plus I set my Nike FuelBand to 5000 fuel points today so I had an earn that extra 1000 points. 

I am halfway there at 2400 points. Earning 2600 points walking around at work is a cake walk for me.

I feel like I am in Seattle today with the clouds, 50 degrees and how wet it is outside. The greenbelt was so peaceful. Only a few walkers, a few men runners, 3 girl runners, some bikers, and a few others walking their dogs. It was so nice that it was basically dead compared to 2 weekends ago when the weather was warm. I didn’t take my phone because I thought it would have rained on me. I didn’t even take my ipod either. Just me and myself.

I did 4.74 miles with a 12:23 average pace.

Today, I really focused on my stride and how my feet land. I played around with different speeds and how I place my feet. I think that these new Brooks were easier to land on my forefoot on. But when I land on my forefoot, my speed, which I wanted to keep slow at 12:30per mile, I speed up to 10min/mi. And I feel like I use less leg muscles when I land on the front of my feet. Which felt like a better use of my power, to help conserve my muscle power. And I think that it was easier to run on my forefoot then in my Newtons. I felt like how I was landing on my feet, I felt like I was landing on my feet when I have ran barefoot. Which was comfortable and natural feeling.

One thing that wasn’t too smart that I did today was go out and run right after getting up. Just ate a piece of wheat toast with HoneyPB. I didn’t have any coffee. Or water. Just wake up and out the door. Yeah. Not smart. I felt pretty sluggish. Girlfriend here needs coffee.

Here is me drinking my 2nd cup of the day. As I write this. It has been a while since I have posted a crappy post-workout pic of me. 🙂

How’s the weather where you are today? Any green beer drinking plans for tomorrow? What was your workout today?

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Girlfriends Got Gear

Whoever thinks that Retail Therapy isn’t therapeutic is just plain wrong.

Today, I had to get me some new kicks. And I feel good about it. I think this is the 4th pair of shoes I have purchased since the start of the year. My closet is overflowing with heels, flip flops, ballet flats, running shoes, cross trainers, and shoes I wear to work. I am always on my feet and need cute, comfy shoes.

I tried these on a few weeks ago and fell in love with them. My local running store had a Groupon a few weeks ago for $30 for $60 which I used for these shoes. So a $120 pair of shoes cost me $90. Which for a pair of running shoes is reasonable. I did a quick slog around the neighborhood in them. I am bummed that they didn’t have these Brooks PureCadence in the blue color but I am happy with the black color. I also picked up some Honey Stinger gels today too.

I have been slacking on my running this week. I blame my FuelBand. I have it set for 4000 fuel points a day. I always hit my 4000 while at work. And I walk about 3-5 miles at work every night. I actually did Insanity Abs last night to help me hit 4000 before midnight. And I did a bazillion squats too. And a few pushups. And ran in place. At work.

After my tantrum that I had online the other day, I finally got my Heart Rate monitor from Omrom and FitFluential. And they threw in a Pedometer. I am sorry about my tantrum as it was unprofessional, but I can’t wait to wear my monitor!

Have you treated yourself to new goodies lately?
What is your workout today?

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Testing 1, 2 and or 3?

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Running and Randomness

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